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The uniqueness of Bitcoin

 Every time somebody gets censored, Boom! they become a Bitcoin fan. It’s almost a binary thing:
if you haven’t been censored, or have never been strongly sympathetic with somebody who has been censored by the financial system, then you
don’t understand the biggest early use cases of Bitcoin. If you have, nobody needs to “convert” you.  Nick Szabo.

Bitcoin scarcity comes from its immaculate conception, from its longest established history and from his extreme decentralization.

Its discovery made financial self-sovereignty possible for the first time in history thanks to digital scarcity that is easily verifiable and is integrated in a decentralized network that secures its ability to be stored and transferred globally.

It is the first nonviolently securable property in history, since its ownership is enforced simply through the possession of a small piece of data.

Its highest reputation has attracted the best cryptographers to review and secure its code.

Gifted people tend to want to work with other top people and work on something that matters, that they believe in. Motivation matters. Protocol design and coding is partly an artistic, aesthetic endeavour; people do their best work on a mission: uncensorable global internet money. —  Adam Back.

Alternative “cryptocurrencies” sacrifice security in order to temporarily gain some functionality. They are similar to Bitcoin in the same way that a doll looks like a baby; they lack the predominant source of value that distinguishes Bitcoin from fiat money: the minimization of governance.

If the designers of your blockchain talk about “saving the planet”, “increasing throughput”, “compliance”, “governance”, “democracy”, or any other topic more than they both talk & actually care about securing your financial property,  run! do not walk away from that chain.  —  Nick Szabo.

What makes all of this possible?

The adoption and use of Bitcoin technology. 

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